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Why Focusing on Your Target Customer and Defining Your Value Proposition Isn’t Enough for Business Success

Have you identified your company’s target customer yet? Based on all I’ve been reading lately, your organization is behind the eight ball in this economy if you haven’t. In all honesty, there is nothing special about the current business environment that makes identifying your target customer more critical today than at any other time. It […]

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The 7 “Must Have” Elements That Will Unleash the Potential of Your Strategy Map

The strategy map is a powerful picture that truly paints a thousand words about your business strategy. Despite its simplicity and power potential, the strategy map is largely forgotten, or is sub-optimized, by many organizations. Why is this the case? Why would organizations not take advantage of a powerful and proven business planning and performance management tool? […]

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Do Strategic Themes Add Value in Strategy Mapping?

Many organizations use strategic themes on their strategy map.  Strategic themes can help organize, or group, related strategic objectives that work together to deliver a specific, valuable business result. Strategic themes can help simplify the communication of the strategy map to stakeholders by providing a concise bridge between the mission and vision and the details […]

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