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Follow These Steps To Select High Value Indicators for Your Balanced Scorecard

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Selecting exceptional balanced scorecard indicators is part art and part science. The key to success in both is to start with a good definition of the strategic objective you are trying to measure. A good strategic objective definition describes what the strategic objective looks like in action including what is and isn’t included. It also […]

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Break Out of the Output Measurement Rut NOW!

I was recently teaching a class of Master’s students about the fundamentals of the balanced scorecard and the essentials of indicator selection when I was asked a great question: “Why do we seem to focus on output measures when we are measuring things in business?” Before exploring this question, let’s take a quick look at […]

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What is the Balanced Scorecard?

This is another one of those fundamental questions that seems to raise a great deal of debate amongst experts and adopters alike. One thing I do know is that if you define your balanced scorecard as just a set of indicators then you are more than likely shortchanging your organization. To really optimize your organization’s […]

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Is Your Balanced Scorecard All That It Can Be?

The balanced scorecard is a truly powerful tool for business results achievement – I know because I have seen it make a significant contribution to the success of many different organizations. Actually, I’ve seen it AND I’ve experienced it (as an employee in a dedicated balanced scorecard organization). However, sometimes I feel like I know […]

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