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How to Build the Triple Aim into Your Healthcare Organization’s Strategy Map

Many healthcare leaders will be familiar with the concept of the Triple Aim. To summarize, the Triple Aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement ( that outlines an approach to optimizing health system performance. The foundation of the Triple Aim is the belief (supported by evidence) that effective, sustainable healthcare and […]

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Use your Strategy Map as a Decision-Making Tool

We all know that the strategy map is an indispensible tool for helping organization’s bridge the gap between strategy formulation and execution. In fact, it does this in multiple ways. In the case of the “traditional” strategy/strategic plan, a strategy map is a key tool for translating high level strategic directions into the critical supporting […]

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The 7 “Must Have” Elements That Will Unleash the Potential of Your Strategy Map

The strategy map is a powerful picture that truly paints a thousand words about your business strategy. Despite its simplicity and power potential, the strategy map is largely forgotten, or is sub-optimized, by many organizations. Why is this the case? Why would organizations not take advantage of a powerful and proven business planning and performance management tool? […]

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