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Are You a Collaborative Leader?

Adopting a collaborative approach to strategy means giving people at all levels of your organization a seat at the table through all phases of the strategy process – strategy creation, strategy implementation/execution, and strategy management. It’s a proven approach for achieving exceptional performance results and organizational outcomes in today’s new business environment. In addition to […]

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Keeping the Strategy Conversation Going – Business Performance and Strategy Execution Results Review Meetings

Initial strategy conversations take place in your organization when you share and explore your company’s strategy story with your employees. It is important to keep the strategy conversations going within your organization – the review of business performance results, and the assessment of strategic impact, provides you with the perfect opportunity to do just that. […]

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Are you Building your Strategy Management Community?

To successfully achieve the mission and vision defined in its strategic plan, an organization is wise to implement a comprehensive strategy management tool known as the Integrated System for Breakthrough Performance. This suite of essential strategy management tools includes: – A strategy map where a focused set of strategic objectives (usually 12 – 16 maximum) […]

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