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“Business Results Revolution: Three Critical Questions and the Conversations That Transform Business Performance Every Day” 


Three simple questions separate high-growth, market-leading companies from the rest of the pack.

 Why do our customers do business with us?

Why do our employees think our customers do business with us?

Are we sure?

Whether you and your team can ask and answer these critical business questions consistently, and with confidence, is critical. The answers to these questions will tell you just how “in control” you are of both your customer and business results and outcomes.


The Business Results Revolution journey began with a simple question: “Are there two or three things that every company should focus on in order to get the customer and business performance results they want?” The simple answer is YES. Across almost all industries and all business sectors there is a short list of secrets to ensure business success. But understanding and applying those secrets is often anything but easy. That’s what makes Business Results Revolution different. It gives readers an easy-to-use roadmap for success. It strips business strategies down to the essentials, simplifies them, and helps businesses focus on those elements that are most critical to achieving customer loyalty and business performance success.

With all of the challenges and complexity companies face today, the time is right for a Business Results Revolution!


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With Business Results Revolution, you’ll learn…

  • How to target untapped market potential and deliver irresistible value that will keep your customers coming back.
  • Whether your business strategy is setting you up to lose customers AND money.
  • The best way to make your company’s strategy stick with your employees, and how you can help them to delight your customers every time.
  • Insider secrets to accelerate business results.
  • The essential conversations you need to have that help drive performance and results.

Start the Revolution in your business, today!


Download an excerpt here: Excerpt-Business-Results-Revolution


Praise for Business Results Revolution

“Sandy Richardson’s three-question strategy is a marvelously simple approach that provides an effective tool for executives to take their company’s performance to a new level.”

– CEO, $1.5 billion U.S. consumer product organization


“Profound in its simplicity and clarity, this roadmap to business success is packed with insightful and practical tools you can begin to use and profit from immediately.”

– Paul R. Niven, author of Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results 


“This book provides a practical and simple, yet comprehensive roadmap for developing and executing a winning strategy. Unlike other strategy books that just tell you what to do, this book shows you how to do it so that you can build commitment and alignment within your organization. A must read.”

– Michael Seitchik, President, Michael Seitchik, LLC. and former Director of Program Development, Wharton


“Sandy Richardson makes what great companies know, and have long protected, visible – sustainable success is achieved through focused conversations that answer the right questions. This book is a must-read for every senior executive looking for simple, yet powerful approaches to delivering business success in complex 21st century marketplaces.”

– James Creelman, global strategy management advisor and author of More with Less: Maximizing Value in the Public Sector and Creating a Balanced Scorecard for a Financial Services Organization 




The Business Results Revolution Workbook is designed to help you and your team create a business results revolution within your company. Packed with all the tools and templates described in the book, you can get started now identifying your target customer, profiling your competitive landscape, or defining your customer value proposition.

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