What Stakeholder Outcome(s) is Your Organization Ultimately Accountable for Delivering?

More often than not, when I ask the leaders of public sector healthcare and social service organizations this question, they can’t give me a straight answer. Sometimes, I get a blank stare or (frequently) they object to my question. What do I mean, what stakeholder outcomes are we accountable for delivering? Outcomes are difficult to […]

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The Balanced Scorecard ≠ A Report Card

I’ll admit it. Back in 1997, when my employer decided to start using the Balanced Scorecard, we used it as a report card. What did that look like? Well, we rolled up indicator results to get a strategic objective performance score. And then strategic objective performance scores were rolled up using a weighting formula to […]

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Five Ways Your Company Must Evolve to Remain Competitive in 2014 (and beyond)

In his November 18th article called “A New Center of Gravity For Management?”, Forbes Magazine contributor Steve Denning reported on the 2013 Global Peter Drucker Forum where experts explored the managerial implications of complexity. More specifically, this year’s discussions explored the level of dynamic complexity organizations and business leaders are presently facing. Given a consensus […]

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