StrategyShare – Strategy Management Platform

StrategyShare is a different kind of strategy platform that makes it easy to connect your employees with the tools, resources, data and information they need to put your company’s strategy into action and translate it into results (with less wasted time and effort, and fewer headaches, misunderstandings, and mis-steps).

Comprehensive but simple, StrategyShare streamlines company-wide strategy implementation and makes it easier for everyone to work together to achieve business results.

StrategyShare makes it easy to translate your organization’s big plans for success into results with big impact.

How does it do it?

Proven strategy management tools that really work
Best-practice based strategy maps, scorecards and KPI’s, performance reports and dashboards, and action plans are quick to create and easy to use for everyone in your organization.

Essential performance information available on a single screen
Results analysis, commentary, and reference documents are integrated with performance results and action plans in every performance report.

Embedded collaboration tools
Capturing and sharing knowledge and success stories, and engaging employees in creative problem solving and breakthrough thinking is easy and efficient no matter where your people are located.

Expert resources at your fingertips
Step by step completion guidelines, set up wizards, success tips, how to videos and worksheets help you and your team create expert strategy content without having to be a strategy expert.

“StrategyShare makes generating, executing on, and monitoring strategy easy and dare I say fun….”

Chris Hill, Process Excellence at D+H

How StrategyShare Helps

Everyone is aligned and pulling in the same direction
StrategyShare makes your strategy and strategic choices transparent for everyone, allowing them to take ownership of your strategy and your organization's success.

Performance results are more useable
StrategyShare makes it easy to give everyone a clearer, more actionable picture of your organization's true performance.

Everyone is focused on the RIGHT questions and issues
StrategyShare helps you and your team focus on solving critical problems and creating the breakthroughs necessary to accelerate your organization's progress forward.

Everyone makes smarter decisions that produce better results
StrategyShare makes fact-based decisions fast and easy for everyone by putting everything that's important for your strategy's success in one place, at everyone's fingertips.

“StrategyShare will be a key catalyst for us helping with strategy development and sharing.”

Bryan Huck, Accounting Manager at RWDI

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