Strategy Execution Readiness Pulse-Check

Successful strategy execution begins with Line-of-SightTM.

Powered by PranaBusiness, this simple approach pinpoints strategy misalignments with blazing speed. Many other strategy execution assessments and systems are ridiculously complex, time-consuming, and flat-out expensive. Frankly, they’re often relics and not useful in today’s accelerated world.

The Line-of-SightTM starts with a 9 minute pulse-check where employees respond to 29 questions. Their responses indicate how ready and capable your company or team is to execute strategy. Often times, hidden vulnerabilities are revealed in the easy-to-use results reports.

Our consultants leverage PranaBusiness’ proprietary Pulse-Check TechnologyTM to reveal your company’s current readiness for strategy execution success and to create an easy to follow action plan you can use to align teams, develop leaders, and build your company into an organization that delivers high performance and exceptional business results.

Ready to discover what the Line-of-SightTM Pulse-Check will reveal about your company or team?

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