Results Accelerator Programs

Something has shifted in the business environment. Can you feel it? Change is everywhere. Industries are being turned upside down and even wiped away by upstart companies that are playing a disruptive long game (Think Uber is a taxi company? Think again). You can be a market-maker or get left behind. What’s it going to be?

Traditional approaches to business and strategy, and incremental improvement, won’t help you secure future success. You need to do something radically new – we’re here to show you the way. In our “learn by doing” labs and workshops, you develop new skills and harness approaches you need to succeed.

Innovation and Transformation Labs

Learn and apply new approaches in a focused “lab” setting. Develop a new mindset and build contemporary skills. Master modern practices and processes and apply them to your organization. Walk away with company-specific material and a new roadmap you can use to move your organization forward faster.

Business Model Innovation Lab

Want to chart a bold course forward for your organization? Searching for new platforms for business growth? Looking to innovate what your organization does and how it does it before an outside force pressures you to change? Before you take another step ……

Come into the Lab and put your business model to the test.

In this four-day intensive workshop we’ll work together to map out your current business model and assess its future fitness using our comprehensive Business Model Fitness ChecklistTM. Then we’ll show you how to innovate your business model where necessary using the latest methods and lean startup principles. Leave the Lab with the business model and skills necessary to position your organization for sustainable advantage, more agile performance, and better results and outcomes moving forward.

Ready to launch your organization on an accelerated path of innovation, growth, and transformative success?
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Alignment ThinkTanksTM (provided in partnership with Marketing Mechanics)

Today’s successful companies are agile and adaptive with their people thinking and acting as one to serve customers. While the benefit to customers is obvious, the case is even more compelling: a highly engaged and aligned workforce improves productivity, reduces costs, speeds more products and services to a successful launch, and directly impacts key business metrics such as revenue, profits, and earnings per share.

Transforming your vision of tighter, more cohesive teams into a highly productive, profitable reality is no easy task but today it’s a “must have” organizational capability. How is your company doing?

Leveraging Marketing Mechanics’ Wheel of ValueTM, Alignment ThinkTanksTM are practical, action-packed workshops that help you and your teams attain shared insight into customer needs and market demands, develop a collaborative and agile approach to achieving customer satisfaction, and sharpen business processes within and across functions and departments to improve insight and organizational effectiveness. Walk away from your custom-designed Alignment ThinkTankTM with a cohesive and integrated roadmap for achieving new levels of employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business success for your organization.

Ready to make engaging and aligning your teams with customer needs part of your organization’s DNA?
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Workshops and Online Training

Build or upgrade your strategy management skills with our live, interactive web-based training programs. Learn leading edge methods from expert practitioners, authors, and thought leaders. Apply everything you’re learning over the course of the program to create strategy material for your organization. Receive individual feedback and suggestions for improvement on the material you’re creating. Get personalized attention and get your questions answered.

Create Your Organization’s Strategy Map

The new approach to strategy, and strategic planning, is more lean and agile – it’s focused on creating a killer business model and then testing and refining that business model continuously. It’s just that simple! The strategy map is still the most powerful business model creation and testing tool around.

If your organization doesn’t have one yet, why not?

In this three-part interactive series, led by international thought leader, author, and strategy execution expert Sandy Richardson, you’ll learn practical strategy mapping fundamentals, apply what you’ve learned to create a strategy map for your company using a new technology platform, receive a one on one technical review of your strategy map from Sandy, and get your questions answered. Become an valuable expert resource and put strategy maps in your company’s strategy management toolkit today.

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Build Your Strategy Scorecard – Test Your Business Model

Successful organizations continuously test and refine their business model. They do it by continually asking four simple questions: “Is our business model the right one?” “Is it innovative enough (to be either a market-maker or provide effective disruption defence)?” “Is it delivering the right results AND returns?” and most importantly “Is our organization delivering it effectively?” They get the answers they need using a strategy scorecard – a short list of KPI’s that represent the strategic objectives on their strategy map.

Is your organization asking and answering these four important questions? If not, it’s time to get started.

In this four-part interactive series, led by international strategy execution expert, author, and Balanced Scorecard practitioner Sandy Richardson, you’ll learn practical strategy measurement essentials including where to find the best indicators for business model testing in your business. You’ll learn a practical approach for selecting indicators that have the highest informational value and then you’ll use what you’ve learned to create a draft scorecard for your organization. Receive a one on one technical review of your strategy scorecard from Sandy and position your organization to test and improve its business model.

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*Your organization must have its business model translated into a strategy map before this training series begins. 


Business Model Canvas – Strategy Map Fusion (Moving from Business Model Innovation to Execution Success)

The Business Model Canvas is one of the most popular business management tools ever created. And while it’s regularly used by startups to map out how their business idea will get to market profitably, more Fortune 500 companies are leveraging this tool for strategic reorientation and to build entirely new businesses. There is no doubt that the business model canvas is a great tool for the creation of a company’s business model but, on its own, it won’t get you where you want to go. Why? Because the business model canvas isn’t a strategy execution tool. You’ve got to translate it into terms that will help people across your organization put your business model into action consistently every day.

Are you ready to take your business model from canvas to action and results? We can show you how.  

In this three-part interactive series, led by international thought leader, author, and strategy execution expert Sandy Richardson, you’ll learn how to translate your business model canvas into a strategy map, apply what you’ve learned to create a strategy map for your company that leverages your business model canvas, receive a one on one technical comparison of your strategy map versus your business model canvas from Sandy, and get your questions answered. Help your organization maximize the potential from its investment in the business model canvas today.

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Expand your strategy management knowledge and build your strategy management leadership skills and capabilities with guidance from experienced practitioners and educators. Gain the confidence to help organizations use modern and practical approaches to strategy successfully to achieve exceptional performance results and outcomes in this dynamic and constantly evolving business environment.

Strategy Leader Intensive

Are you new in a strategy management role in your organization? Is a career in strategy management something you are interested in?

Why not invest in learning the latest approaches to strategy creation, implementation, and management from our faculty of practitioners who have successfully translated theory into practice to produce real performance results and outcomes?

In this live online interactive training program you’ll build the in demand skills you’ll need to be a strategy management leader in any organization.

  • Learn how to lead an organization in formulating an effective business model and strategy for business model implementation, testing, and innovation.
  • Discover how to use measurement to give everyone in the organization the information they need to make aligned business choices and decisions.
  • Learn how to engage strategy ambassadors across the organization and build deep levels of strategy mastery within the workforce (the key to agile strategy execution).
  • Build your strategic thinking skills and learn how to use modern strategy processes, tools, and approaches to create an aligned, collaborative, and adaptive organization.

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Strategy Management Consultant Certification and Licensing Program

Would you like to provide strategy management consulting to clients using Collaborative Strategy’s strategy management consulting methods, processes, tools, and facilitation approaches?

Why not become a Certified Collaborative Strategy Practitioner?

Get 40 hours of one-on-one training with an experienced Collaborative Strategy senior consultant as well as ongoing support via email and phone/Skype from your trainer. Receive additional benefits and participate in learning and development opportunities. As a Certified Collaborative Strategy Practitioner you also receive training on, and special access to, our strategy management application, StrategyShare.

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