Strategy Execution


Align your organization’s day-to-day activities with your business model and strategy. Ensure that everything your people do is focused on the results that bring you closer to achieving desired outcomes.

The steps in a strategy execution engagement include:

  1. Cascade your business model and big-picture strategy throughout your entire organization
    Create aligned department, team and individual strategic plans. Empower each department – and each team and each individual – to articulate how their work contributes to your organization’s strategy and results.
  2. Align day-to-day work with your strategy
    Map current work processes, projects, organizational capabilities, and accountabilities at all levels of your organization with your business model and strategic plan. Define gap-closing activities that will improve your day-to-day work.
  3. Break down the silos
    Intentionally build connections across departments. Design structures and means of accountability between departments and teams so that their work supports your business model and strategic plan.


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