Organizational Alignment


Create a culture in which your employees become fully engaged with your strategy. They’ll understand what it is, why it matters and why they are essential to achieving your goals and mission. Your employees will bring your strategy to life every day in their work, their decision-making and interactions with your stakeholders.

The steps in an organizational alignment engagement include:

  1. Select your strategy ambassadors
    Identify the most passionate supporters of your strategy. Make them lynchpins in your efforts to share your strategy and mobilize your organization.
  2. Coach them to tell your strategy story
    Train your strategy ambassadors to communicate your stakeholder and business objectives. Show them how to tell the strategy story and provide them with an opportunity to practice it with their peers.
  3. Help your strategy ambassadors to personally enroll their colleagues
    Empower them to have conversations with their colleagues that bring the strategy to a personal level for every individual.  Help everyone make the connection between what they do every day and their contribution to achieving your mission.


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