Balanced Scorecards


Understand if your strategy execution efforts are delivering desired results. Measure the progress your organization is making towards strategic objectives. See whether your organization’s actions align with your business model.

The steps in a balanced scorecard engagement include:

  1. Define a set of indicators
    Identify the indicators that will show your whether you are implementing your business model, executing your strategy and achieving desired performance results.
  2. Establish targets and performance ranges
    Set performance targets for each indicator. Develop reports using an easy-to-read color code for each indicator so you can quickly understand your performance. You’ll get early warning signals when strategy execution is at risk so you can address issues quickly.
  3. Establish shared accountability for achieving your objectives
    Design progress review meetings to engage your organization in collaborative conversations.  Everyone will explore results and their implications deeply – so everyone owns the results you have produced. Develop next steps that everyone understands and can get behind.
  4. Track your performance
    Collect data for each indicator. Assess if your actual performance is achieving your goals.
  5. Course-correct as needed
    Analyze your results and determine if anything needs to change. Change your business model, strategies, indicators, or performance targets as needed. I’ll provide coaching to make the shift your organization needs to achieve your desired outcomes.


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