The mission of Collaborative Strategy is to strengthen the strategy process in organizations by applying approaches that are better suited to today’s fast-paced business environment and giving people at every level of the organization a seat at the strategy table.

We make strategy truly collaborative.

A collaborative approach to strategy using agile and lean planning techniques consistently produces improved results and outcomes versus traditional, top-down strategic planning approaches.

I’ve seen the dramatic difference in results play out through over 20 years leading strategy management efforts in businesses of all kinds.

The reasons are intuitive. When you give everyone who works in your organization a seat at your strategy table:

  • You learn from the experience of people from all levels and functions of your organization
  • You develop a business model and strategies that are focused, effective, and actionable
  • Your people take on natural ownership of your strategy
  • Decisions made every day are aligned and accelerate your business forward
  • You produce better results and drive exceptional outcomes